Supporting Abi Ofarim

Abi Ofarim, who became a star back in the 60s, had been working on his revival - recording a new album in Israel. On January 10th 2009 he performed his first concert after decades of abcense on stage. He had been looking for musicians to support him - and found ROB.

It became a magical event, everone was there….jetset, press, musicians, everybody….

Heres a video clip of the opening song:

It was just a great party! The groove was magic

Abis sons Tal and Gil joined him at the end of this next song. They were adding an extra portion of power….

….some impressions of a later gig at Munich, Schlosszelt, on Nov 5th, 2010:

2010-11-05 Abi-03 Schloss MUC
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